The Magic Makers

The creator and his creation taking shape painstakingly, lovingly, one gentle nudge at a time…. 

When an artist invites you to watch him sculpt, it is an honour. The eyes move from the sunburnt face and hands onto the perfection that is being sculpted out of a block of wood. No gap remains between the two. It is as unique and beautiful as any process of birthing can be… 

The finished sculpture, polished and shining adorns temples and prayer rooms of homes that the sculptor might never visit… Yet through his art he has infused the intangible into the tangible…

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Door Decor and More!


A door is so much more than wood used to block a space.  It can be a multi-purpose art installation :). This gorgeous piece here is part of a heritage home, more than a hundred years old, now converted into a hotel in the old part of Puducherry…every aspect of it was beautiful.


The ceiling that allowed the home to always be well lit and ventilated and the floor, that kept it cool at all times


Another unusual sight…


This bulky bank of light and fan switches… 🙂