You are Never Lost…

Walking in wilderness
Where nature shows the way
And gently states
“You are not lost… You are never lost…”
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Take me where the wild flowers Grow, tall enough to give me a Hug 😁

Wildflowers brimming with the energy of life, is right where I most feel at home, with the sound of birds for company and maybe a sketchbook in hand 😊!

I don’t know which direction my art is taking, but it fills me with joy everytime i paint 😍

A Gift for You…

This is a bird that one has drawn since childhood. The hand just moves to capture its stunning form and there are very few arts in the world that have not used its stylised version in some way or the other. So, when I crossed it in the morning, I didn’t think much of thse magnificient birds enjoying the open expanse.Image


As I tried to observe it unobtrusively, I had no inkling that I was in for the show of my life!


The Peacocks started dancing with abandon to a very appreciative audience, in me of course, but also in the peahens that strutted about a little self-consciously. 


In the beauty of this amazing bird, I found myself forgetting every thing. I don`t remember how long I stood there and how long it danced. Shimmering and turning ever so delicately, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Rustling and and shimmering its feathers in the newly awakening dawn. 

I have never been happier that I had my camera handy to capture these moments…moments when my breath caught in my chest and I felt a deep sense of peace at the beauty that is on our planet.

So these photographs are a gift to you…do take a few moments to note the precision with which this creature has been crafted…the way the huge plume is immaculate in its symmetry and beauty. And the colors…! OMG!

Have a beautiful day!