The Best Way to Live πŸ˜

To be surrounded by Lotus, relaxing and loving life in its most simplest form, is an art that a lot of creatures have mastered.

I see squirrels nibbling their food and then finding a warm spot on a curving tree branch and just lying there, breathing slowly and softly, enjoying the sun on their back. The same for content pets and cud chewing cows…. They all seem to realise the importance of the quiet moment.

Seeing them so wrapped up in joy, slows me down too. I feel like they are reinforcing some oft forgotten wisdom. And as I draw and sketch, it is with more joy, more consciousness and pleasure…there is more beauty in the colours that the eyes see and the paints that one uses… 😊


Journal Journeys

Pressed between pages
Of a sketchbook
Some memories lie
Snug and safe
Carrying with them
Fragrance and colours
Of alien lands…

#Watercolours #canson #montvalpaper

I love keeping a visual journal with lots of images of what I enjoyed seeing in a new place.

These Diaries, kept over years, never fail to make me nostalgic as I remember the plants that grew, the season that was, the fragrance in the air, to me they are more precious than photographs.

While the words are there too, it is the visuals that evoke an instant reaction. 😊

I Love a Good Vine πŸ˜

I love a good vine😊.

The kind that meanders aimlessly, latches on to ropes and wires, finds finger holds inside crevices, so that it can go further and farther.

I love it’s little tendrils and the joy of finding small fruits shielded by big leaves, just suddenly, and then you lift more leaves and are constantly surprised by just how busy its been, creating flowers and fruits 😊!

I love a good vine because it has the audacity to think that it has the strength to give birth to something as huge as a pumpkin and still meander along merrily. 

It’s this stubborn streak in it, that I most admire 😁

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What I See and what I Don’t… 😊

The process of creating is also the process of eliminating. 

After the initial inspiration, I seldom look up to see the scene, I let my imagination and the colours take over quietly and without fanfare or fuss… 😊 This, for me is the best way to overcome a block, if any. 
As I keep my art journal, my emphasis is on the mood and feel of what’s going through me rather than making an exact replica of what lies ahead in my field of vision. 

My journal is a collection of some truths, some half-truths and some complete lies 😁!