That Which We Water… 

Only those seeds





The ones we






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Water roads and Lilly embankments! 

When taking a ride on a shikara in the backwaters of the Dal lake, the parting between the Lilly pads become roads for navigation! At a certain point a right turn takes you to a floating market, another one to the main lake, yet another to a housing colony of homes on stilts. . 

I am told that when the Lillies and Lotus bloom, sometime in June, these backwaters are a sight to behold! Imagine water roads and Lilly embankments! Truly magical! . 

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Kindness Matters… 

My faith in humanity is restored whenever I see sights like these. 

In the crowded Hauz Khas market, a retired army officer has seen to it that nobody goes thirsty in this sweltering heat. The terracotta urns look clean and inviting and the gradient colors of the ladles add to the brightness of the place. 

While I was standing there a young mother came with her infant and gratefully filled her glass with clean water for the baby and herself. 

A fruit vendor keeps an eye on these and told me that water is filled from the main house and countless people stop by with gratitude. 

Inspired by one of the shares here, I too started keeping some bottles of cool, fresh water to distribute at crossings. The look of happiness on the face of the recipient is priceless! Someone who is on the road for hours without much by way of shelter or food and under the merciless sun can benefit so much from a bottle of clean drinking water… 😊

It Rained Last Night…

It rained last night. It put an end to days of uncomfortable heat and perspiration. It also brought a wave of gratitude and learning…. It was because of the earlier discomfort that this morning was feeling like a beautiful blessing…

My thoughts went out to those facing a drought, the farmers, villagers…Those longing for some respite, walking miles for just one bucket of potable water…

Pray that the clouds move fast and reach those who are forever looking at the sky, squinting against the sun… Hoping…praying… For rain 

When Time Stops…

 Sometimes time stops. One might be in the middle of the regular and then the irregular happens. One leaves the pile of laundry on the floor, one requests the help to be silent for a moment and then one enlarges the photo to full screen and just soaks in the colours, the immensity of the waterscape and sky, and then, even though one is hundreds of miles away, one finds oneself on the Shikara, floating in absolute silence….Till the doorbell rings! 🙂
The stunning Dal Lake!

Photo credit Anshumaan Kapoor 

18th Sept, 2015