A Lonely Stretch to Home

A man heads home in the evening, braving the monsoon rain with an ineffectual umbrella. 

How people cope with rain is seen to be believed. From cardboard cartons on the head, to polythene bags draped on shoulders, people try everything to stay dry during our long and highly active monsoon season.


In the Car or Outside?


Would you rather be the photographer or the photographed? 

It was by chance that a lady with a red umbrella and a purse to match came into the frame. The rain was adding to her enjoyment of the weather, which begged the question 🙂

A ‘Shop’ like no Other.. :)


Driving down the road, I was distracted by brilliant colours peeping out of an upturned umbrella.  As I crossed it I realised that the curve was being used as a mobile shop! I asked the gentleman if I could take a photograph and he shyly obliged.


I was deeply moved by the human spirit to strive to live a life of dignity…