Trees that Strangers Plant❤️

One of the reasons I love travelling and walking or cycling is because I get to see the trees in different seasons planted by strangers and under whose shade I’ve had my most peaceful moments on our planet, in my little life 😊.

The horticulturists who decide on vegetation for entire cities, keeping every avenue, neighborhood and road in mind, don’t think of the ‘now’, they plan for generations ahead. Realizing full well that the fruits of these trees and the shade of them will belong to grateful strangers, decades later.

When the foundation for Chandigarh was being laid down by Le Corbusier, I read that he had planned the sectors colour-wise 🤗… He had planned that each section of the city will be in full-bloom at different times of year!

Planting trees is an art known to a chosen few professionals who devote their life learning about soil and water and seeds and nurturing… These are the souls who give our city their green lungs.

Should we not bow our heads in reverence, if not to them and their foresight, then at least to the majestic greenery around us?

No one should cut them with impunity, by getting some papers signed from an indifferent office bearer.

These are our treasures to be safe-guarded for the generations ahead. These are to be hugged whenever the opportunity presents itself 😊🙏❤️
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Nature Calls😁

When the trees March

Onto your journal in September

Full of vigour and positive energy

You know staying indoors

Is no longer an option…

And it’s finally time

To dust those keds

Inhale deeply

And be on your merry way

Soaking in the rejuvenating energy

That only nature brings!… 😁😊

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Family Man! 

There is an owl that I see on my way to the studio. It sits patiently on one of the branches of a Gulmohar tree. It is plump and quiet and has a Stillness to it that is enchanting. Why is it awake during the day… When will it go to sleep… Are some of the questions that cross my mind as I pass it. 
I would like to believe that it waits for me just as much as I look forward to catching a glimpse of it. I take the sharp left turn that leads me to the tree that it has chosen for a home and instinctively I look up. 

I imagine it as a family man, taking a break from his brood to enjoy the noise of daytime which for him is night. And so I drive on, taking a picture of him in my mind, I add elements that I think are important in order for him to have a fun life… And I recreate that in the quiet of my studio and thank that little bird for inspiring me and bringing joy to my world… 🌼☺️