Nothing is perfect… Yet everything is…

The joy of working on a tall Canvas, with some idea of what one wants to do, can be an interesting project 😁.

Here, I converted an 8×6 inch sketch into a 6ft tall Canvas. I love being spontaneous, but having a direction to work towards is nice too. One is better prepared with large quantities of material, and this is a good thing because then one can just pour colours and mix them instead of opening tubes with paint smeared hands 😊… Something that can have disastrous results, like streaked face or botched clothes 🙄😂


I was all ready for my morning walk. Sneakers and ankle-weights in place, a light jacket and the early morning hour.

 As I took in a deep breath, fragrance from a million blooming flowers assailed my senses. The Grapefruit tree was in sudden bloom. Against my wishes, I found myself standing under it, then I sat down, then I went and made myself a cup of tea and brought it out to relish it under this stunning tree. Every moment imprinted itself into my bloodstream it seemed….
Its a morning that I’ll never forget…The simple joy of being alive in the month of March!