Making Memories 

One of the most precious earnings of life are the relationships that we nurture through the years. 

By accepting, complimenting, encouraging, forgiving, we choose to keep our focus on that which is relevant. By not paying attention to the petty and the temporary we sow seeds for something more lasting.

This photograph is an Ode to my brother and the precious bond he shares with my son. They are both sitting in the ramparts of the Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, soaking in the chants coming from within and enjoying the atmosphere that only rains in the mountains can create!! 


India…. My storybook. 

From the most basic of kitchens come the most delicious of meals! 

On a recent visit to a small village in East Sikkim called Budan, we had a homestay at the simple abode of one of the villagers. Our presence was celebrated as a big occasion for the whole village and a lot of respect was accorded to us. From the traditional welcome, to the performance of local dances, we enjoyed everything. 

Absolute silence and abundant natural beauty just added to the whole experience. 

In such situations, when city people visit Eco villages and homestays,  the whole village rallies around the family that is the host, providing manpower and help when needed. The status of the family is also elevated. 

The more I travel into the interiors of my country the more clearly I recognise the beauty of the human spirit, it’s desire to please and give respect to other beings. They come from a place of dignity. It is a beautiful and symbiotic relationship…. 

The diversity of India never ceases to amaze. Every corner has stories, told and untold. I am blessed to have the opportunity to read these, one page at a time. 😊💕

Simple Pleasures of Life… 😊

You know a journey is coming to an end when all the toothpaste tubes are squeezed out with super human effort, when the soap cake you carried from home becomes wafer thin and you are loathe to buy a new one… 

Everything you carried from home to last you through your travels gets over one by one. You favourite tea, your food packets of pulao and dal, your travel perfume.. all lie empty in the bin. 

As you stare at your half empty bag and look back at the life it has helped recreate away from home, you are grateful for its constant presence and its ability to still delight you by revealing the corner of a fresh pair of socks, one that you had completely forgotten about, as a surprise gift!  

And as you revel in your sudden good fortune, you realise that happiness comes in a thousand different sizes and a million different colours and in the most unexpected ways… 😊

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Shopping in Paradise! 

Gliding like gentle giants on the Lake, they come from nowhere, bearing dignity, humility and exotic wares….sometimes flowers, Lotus and water lilly seeds, silver jewellery, embroidered cloth, papier mache artefacts.

The whole experience of shopping on water is a unique one! The sellers don’t harass, though one can see their eagerness to make a sale. 

Living in a place where peace is the most dispensable commodity, Every day that goes quietly needs to be cashed in. As they patiently open box after box, all they ask of you is that you have a look and if you really like something, buy. The money you part with will go a long way for them… For they don’t know when the next day of peace will dawn…. 

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Plant and let Bloom! 

I know homes by the flowers that peep out of boundary walls during spring! 

Sometimes I tell the driver, Bhaiya, uss gali me lena… And I am seldom disappointed. There, peeping through the concrete, would be the most startling creeper celebrating spring! 

At other times, it is trees. I know which home would be surrounded by a blaze of orange Palaash or stunning yellow Laburnum or the cool of mauve Jacaranda. 

There are strangers whose personality I try and discern through the wilderness they choose to have in front of their home or disciplined beds of color-coordinated flowers. It’s interesting. 

So plant and let bloom, in you garden or in your balcony, these miracles of nature…For you never know who will change their path to include a view of them, on their way home and send a silent blessing your way!