😀 Joy of Kids!

I was rushing out in the morning and didn’t have time to leave food for all the birds and squirrels who look forward to their meal outside my balcony.
I requested my son, who is a Public Policy major, to do the needful. Just before leaving, I asked him, “You do know what to do na?”

His reply, “I have to ensure a democratic destribution of birdfeed so that no one creature is neglected or exploited. For this I shall make small piles of grains all over, ensuring that the smallest and the largest…the strongest and the weakest will have their fair share, without fighting for it.”

Needless to say, I left in great haste!


Eat. Play. Celebrate!

Squirrels are my alarm. Since I started leaving food grains for the them, many months back, they let me know by 5 in the morning that they are awake and I should be too! As I struggle out of bed, clutching their food jar in one hand, they stand at a respectful distance. Some peer from window ledges while others hang from branches. All probably calculating my mood by my generosity 🙂

There are some very small babies that are still learning the ropes. They look to their adults for inspiration but its not forthcoming because the adults behave like the kids themselves. As they chase their friends with gusto, the young ones look at them warily from some corner into which they have wedged themselves 🙂 

There are sad scenes too… If a baby has fallen from its nest, the others sniff and explore the unmoving form. Nudging it gently from time to time…. Till they give up and move away…. 

Sometimes I feel that the biggest lessons of life are to be learnt from the simple behaviors of its creatures…

Eat. Play. Eat. Play. Love. And don’t forget to Celebrate you freedom!