Line language 😊

What the world thinks of us becomes so important to us but they can never see the ALL of what we are…. Our dreams, our depth, our growth, they see only what their limited vision of us shows them… Our physical body, which they try to categorise… But we are way beyond that… We are a world unto ourselves… A beautiful, flourishing, fabulous world…. And we should never forget it!


The Spark of Life

It was a grey day. Dark and overcast. I went to check on the Koi fish to see how they were doing and reassure myself that their pond had not overflown with the incessant night rain. 

There was nothing in sight barring some bedraggled water Lillies and fat, round Lilly pads, collecting water… And then, as if on cue, a vibrant cloud of Koi appeared from under the leaves… Gorgeous, pure, graceful and languid…. Totally unaware of the surrounding drab and muddy weather, they were just sure of their own purpose… That of adding a spark to the environment in which they lived and in the only way they knew how 😊!