Making Memories 

One of the most precious earnings of life are the relationships that we nurture through the years. 

By accepting, complimenting, encouraging, forgiving, we choose to keep our focus on that which is relevant. By not paying attention to the petty and the temporary we sow seeds for something more lasting.

This photograph is an Ode to my brother and the precious bond he shares with my son. They are both sitting in the ramparts of the Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, soaking in the chants coming from within and enjoying the atmosphere that only rains in the mountains can create!! 


Everyday India…

Flower sellers with bouquets, come and go like the seasons. They take over an island at a busy crossing and seem to create a home out of nothing. 
Plastic tents, some utensils, firewood, bedding and the ubiquitous children, complete their world. 

I marvel at their resilience and wonder about their life…. And sometimes I carry them in my thoughts into my studio, where they give me company and inspiration, and then, like with everything else, they move on… I move on….