A Lonely Stretch to Home

A man heads home in the evening, braving the monsoon rain with an ineffectual umbrella. 

How people cope with rain is seen to be believed. From cardboard cartons on the head, to polythene bags draped on shoulders, people try everything to stay dry during our long and highly active monsoon season.


Somebody’s Love…

Someone sheltered us

Curved their body over

So we could be safe

If we are

Where we are

It could only be

Because somebody

Loved us enough

To take the 

Brickbats for us

When they rained

Whether we see them

Or not

Whether we acknowledge it

Or not

We couldn’t be

Where we are

Without the love 

Of those few…..

Monsoon Saga Unfolds…

Downpour? Necessary Chaos? Avoidable 

Beauty? Accidental 

Photography? Optional

Sharing? Inevitable 


Monsoon season won’t last… As the clouds do their job and the Government fails to do, we realize we are made of sterner stuff. 

Through flooded potholes and roads and jams we still make our soaking selves home to tell our shocking tales to stunned neighbors and family. Heck, we still have ‘Sawan Ka Maheena, Pawan Kare Sooooor’ playing sometimes, on repeat, as we delve into our options of how to get home, on a road crammed with sputtering and coughing cars.

As the clouds recede, their magic will linger along with the foreboding they bring of a collapsing infrastructure. 

As we open all the doors of our car, everyday, in the hopes of getting the carpeting to dry and the smell to evaporate, we keep one eye on the Met Department predictions, the other on the sky.

With a prayer on our lips and a song in our heart we step into another working day, patting our bag to make sure that the ineffectual umbrella is still there. We give a parting glance to the safe haven we are leaving behind and bid adieu to colorful ‘juttis’ struggling to dry into a wearable shape, on the balcony.

Yes, it takes more than this to break our spirit….

Because we are made of sterner stuff… 😊

Polka Party!!

The streets and roads are an unforgiving place when the monsoons hit… Flooding and jams are rampant. 

Somehow, the street children find joy in that too. They run from car to car, drenched to the bone, trying to sell colourful polka-dotted balloons, their mischievous grins in place 🙂 

They teach me more abour life and adversity and coping than any book can…

It Rained Last Night…

It rained last night. It put an end to days of uncomfortable heat and perspiration. It also brought a wave of gratitude and learning…. It was because of the earlier discomfort that this morning was feeling like a beautiful blessing…

My thoughts went out to those facing a drought, the farmers, villagers…Those longing for some respite, walking miles for just one bucket of potable water…

Pray that the clouds move fast and reach those who are forever looking at the sky, squinting against the sun… Hoping…praying… For rain 

Find A Way Home

Morning walk revealed a bedraggled but beautiful Green Barbet chick trying to find a footing on a small bush. Last nights storm seemed to have propelled it into the low lying greens. 

As I wandered around wondering what to do, the chick seemed to take it upon herself to let me know that she was fine. As she fluttered to a higher branch, I was reassured that she could take care of herself. 

When I returned from my walk she was nowhere to be seen. Hopefully, branch by branch she was able to climb her way home. 😊