My pug, Bob πŸ’•

He comes in the category of ‘Senior dogs’ 😊🐢… But he’s one of the most vigilant, protective and caring fellas around me πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠHe waits up for me no matter how late it gets, he looks out for me despite being ill himself. He shows me in so many ways, how far we humans have to go, to have the spiritual qualities that they possess πŸ˜πŸ’•

We celebrate ten years of togetherness and we’ve seen each other grow.

He’s been my ‘constant companion’ a term I never knew existed, till he barged into my life with all his playful energy 😊… Now that energy is depleting, I can feel it, he can too I think.

When I get up to go somewhere, his eyes seem to plead, ‘don’t go too far, it hurts to get up to follow you…’ I carry him with me then because I feel the same way too… ‘It hurts to leave you behind…’

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The Making of a Pug

My mom sketched me today
She said I had a lovely smile 🀭
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I enjoy making a quick sketch of my pet. After the initial lines, it’s just about filling in colours and giving it some depth. It’s always a fun and rewarding experience 😊