A Sketch a Day :) FlightΒ 

A sky full of monsoon clouds, breeze and pigeons! Dancing, chasing, frolicking, just delighted to be alive at that very moment! It’s so beautiful to just look at them and say a quiet ‘Thank You!’ To whoever or whatever it is that makes all this possible!πŸ˜€


The Bird Whisperer of Washington Square Park


Saw this astonishing love between man and bird πŸ™‚

As the man approached, the birds descended from the trees and surrounded him, finding any free place on him to sit and rest. An amazing sight indeed πŸ™‚


The spill overs found other vacant heads!

First came the Birds…


Some time back people would throw leftover food at this crossing for the pigeons…then someone left two bowls and another filled it with water…..then someone stopped to clean and refill the dirty bowls with fresh water….now a little shop has sprung up….no more left overs for these birds….One pays to buy a plateful of seeds and spreads them around.

It’s widely believed that feeding birds and animals adds to good karma. Office goers stop here regularly….especially before a meeting with the boss, I am guessing πŸ™‚

If You Love Something, Set it Free….

If You Love Something, Set it Free....

It is a tradition in some parts of India to train pigeons for recreation. A whole flock lives on the roof-top of the house of the master. The birds are free to fly around and they always come back after sojourns around the neighbourhood. The birds are usually marked with some pigment for easy identification. These two broke away from the flock to race each other before joining the group again of ten again!

Though more common in the older parts of Delhi, it is quite an unusual sight to see trained birds in the more modern parts of this bustling city.