The heat and the earth are so much a part of some people. It seems that they are carved out of the very stone on which they rest their weary bodies… 

Patience courses through their veins like blood. They know not to hurry time… They have been at it mercy always… 

Now they sit still, as still as the figures engraved upon the urns that they wait to sell…. 

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Kindness Matters… 

My faith in humanity is restored whenever I see sights like these. 

In the crowded Hauz Khas market, a retired army officer has seen to it that nobody goes thirsty in this sweltering heat. The terracotta urns look clean and inviting and the gradient colors of the ladles add to the brightness of the place. 

While I was standing there a young mother came with her infant and gratefully filled her glass with clean water for the baby and herself. 

A fruit vendor keeps an eye on these and told me that water is filled from the main house and countless people stop by with gratitude. 

Inspired by one of the shares here, I too started keeping some bottles of cool, fresh water to distribute at crossings. The look of happiness on the face of the recipient is priceless! Someone who is on the road for hours without much by way of shelter or food and under the merciless sun can benefit so much from a bottle of clean drinking water… 😊

Winter warmth.. 

​The winter sun is a great unifier. Everyone is attracted to its calm warmth and as they make their way to it, conversations start and words find release. As the group grows bigger, place is made for new entrants… Toddlers and strays and strangers. Humanity seems to have reached a comfortable place here.  
I watch from my studio balcony. Enjoying the sounds of laughter and children chasing each other. As the breeze steals their words and drops them near my coffee mug, I get a peek into their life. The joy of becoming a grandmother, a new recipe that turned out well, a new family member who is finding it difficult to adjust… As the conversations float, I sense a burden lifting from shoulders… It’s group therapy at its best… It makes me realise the importance of human connect. In a generation that is growing old together, it is important to know that friends are just a few steps away, in the open public lawn. 
This group shows me that it’s time to confirm that coffee date. The right time is now. Some conversations just cannot happen over whattsapp 😊

In Just One Day 😊

​To put up an exhibition is always exciting. The joy is not so much in seeing months of dedicated hard work being put up to be shared with members of the public, as it is the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and hear their views and share a bit of their life.

For this show, I had the grand fortune of meeting some wonderful people from all walks of life… a trekker passing through Delhi, on his way to the hills, sharing his exciting memories with me….mothers with talented children, looking for some direction,  a bank officer with the heart of a poet, an Orthodontist with the soul of an artist…  

Each one pulled by destiny so that our paths could cross for those few moments and we could be more like friends and less strangers.

So here we were, a trekker, a baker (who had brought some delicious home-made oatmeal cookies!), a surgeon, some sundry visitors, all standing and discussing art and life, mountains and Rhododendron treks, when we were joined by another gentleman. As the conversation opened up, we found out that he was a singer who had sung for the All India Radio!

Seeing this motley bunch sitting around, I said, “Mehfil to saji hui hai, koi geet suna dee jeeye.” 

To our utter joy, he asked, “Hemant Kumar, Kishore Kumar, ya Lata Mangeshkar?”

And there it started, an impromptu gathering of people from different walks of life, surrounded by paintings and Arica Palms and bird song, listening to an extremely gifted vocalist in the middle of an art gallery!

I think this is why I love having art exhibitions… It shows me that they are as much about art as they are about sharing the beauty of life!


Today, when I get home
And open my door

It will be with a smile

I shall pause at the threshold 

Take a deep breath

And step in

I shall take nothing 

For granted

And everything 

With gratitude 

Today, when I go home

I shall do so with a smile 

Because I have a 

Roof over my head

And a song

In my heart

The tune of which

Only I know

So, I will sing my song

Sometimes in my heart

Sometimes deep into my soul


I have a song to sing….

Crossed this little tent during my morning walk.. Someone inside was singing a tuneless song, there was a small gas already lit and tea was being made… It brought a spring to my step… This resilience, this makeshift, colorful abode which housed a singing soul …

Inspiration from Newspapers 😊

Of late, the only reason I scan the papers is for inspiration. The reading material leaves me sad, invairably. But, it is in photographs from around the world that I find some connect with humanity and beauty.

After the initial, visual input, the imagination takes over and results in some new, often soothing artworks 😊.