The Peace we Carry ❤️

We carry our lives
Within us
Our worries
Our stresses
Our joys
Our dreams.
And, sometimes,
We come out
Of ourselves
And confront
The beauty around us
We stop
We just ‘are’
For that fraction
of a moment
We make a memory
That we’ll carry
In our hearts
That memory of
A golden tree
A golden road
And a stranger
His prayers… 💕
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Peace be with you… 

This is a permanent fixture in my bedroom. All the pieces have come from different places as gifts from loving souls. They go well together, therefore, whatever else changes in my room this remains the same. 

In the early morning hours, this arrangement gets the first rays that enter our room, systematically lighting up the leaves of the money plant and then the silhouette of the peaceful image of the Buddha.. 😊

This calms my mind. Quite often it is surrounded by paints and paper and brushes, but nothing affects it.. And therein lies the biggest lesson  it imparts me… There will be times when you are surrounded by chaos and mess. Remain centered, remain peaceful and calm… This too shall pass…. 😊


​In the peace of the early morning hour, I realise that heaven is a place on earth. 

I chance upon it accidentally…like rays through morning mist. I see it in the first effort of a bud to bloom,  when it releases a perfectly formed petal from its tight embrace as if to test the world that it is going to inhabit.

It is in sudden patterns that form. Connecting random dots into a semblance of coherence. It is in these chance encounters that conviction dissipates confusion… like the fine mist that the sun lifts from the face of the earth, revealing new definitions of how  heaven is just something we take as ordinary in the guise of the extraordinary…. 

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Ek Chup …Sau Sukh
A painful throat condition rendered me speechless, literally.  

There was quiet celebration amongst the kids as reality hit that there wouldn’t be any sound coming from me for a few days. Without the benefit of speech, I was completely lost. Talking as a way of expressing everything I felt was always taken for granted. Without it, there was a sense of helplessness.  

I started looking towards the happenings around me as one does cinema. Earlier, I used to drag my point of view behind me wherever I went, eager to push it into every conversation. Without that pressure now, I focussed on the person in front of me, on the voice, the facial expressions and the content of speech and I found out that quite often there was a mismatch between what a person was saying and what the eyes were expressing.

How often had I overlooked this vital connection when dealing with people or my children?

 As I lived in silence, I started quietening the mind as well. I started noticing the level of unnecessary noise everywhere. On the phone, in the streets, in shops, restaurants, bus-stops, on television and radios too, everywhere people were talking so much louder than they needed to. Did anyone even realise, I wondered? Quite often the sound was harsh, crass and unpleasant to the ear. Talking, for most people seemed like an unconscious behaviour, just like breathing or blinking. Something requiring no thought.

My silence became a new teacher and it reintroduced me to myself. I had read somewhere that silence is not mere noiselessness. It is friendly and loving, all-embracing, peace-giving. 

A body lacking silence will reveal its agitation through fidgeting, restlessness, hyperactivity, scratching, shuffling. Useless physical activity quite often reflects a cluttered mind….. silence taught me to listen and also taught me the importance of distilling my thoughts before opening my mouth. A calm, measured speech gives peace to the listener as well. A person talking too fast and too loudly can aggravate and raise the level of stress of the listener too.

“Ek chup… Sau Sukh” Grand-mother always used to say. Not every thought needs to be expressed. Choose silence sometimes, especially at those times when you cannot trust the words that will tumble out….

I Shed Tears…

I shed tears for shattered lives
I imagine the excitement as they choose

Matching bows and polished shoes

Laughter and joy, filling the air

As they joyously run, without a care

All venturing out for a little stroll

A fun-filled evening, their only goal

Unknown humanity, hundreds of lives

Parents, children, husbands, wives

Lie now broken like puppets, rag dolls

Flaying arms amid plaintive calls

Waiting for help, waiting for hope

Waiting for family, to help them cope

With senseless destruction, venom and spite

Spewing of which has become a rite

As lives bleed, the world shivers

Peace as Dove, on its bough, quivers

It flutters a little, sheds some feathers 

Looks on quietly as protesters gather

With candles lit in a silent March 

Wet cheeks and broken hearts

Flowers adorning, frozen smiles

Of precious members, truncated lives

It thinks about taking another flight

To better lands, with peace in sight

Somewhere with less darkness, more light…