Fireflies and Lotus… Painting

Jugnoo aur Kamal
Mixed media on Canvas
16×22 ”

Fireflies find their way into my mind and heart once again 😊. They delight me like we have a connection much deeper than meets the eye.

They give me hope and peace… They bring memories of my childhood to the fore, when they were in abundance and I had all the time in the world to watch their glowing dance πŸ˜πŸ™


Creating my own Lilly Pond πŸ˜Š

Using a palette knife is one of the most exciting ways to paint. The results are unexpected and mostly quite energetic and vibrant to look at.

After the gentleness of watercolours, this is a particularly heavy technique.

It’s these opposites that attract me to art so greatly 🎨😁

Watercolour bling… For the fun of it!

The biggest joy of watercolours is the spontaneity with which they can be done. This is still a more deliberate sketch because a little stem of the poinsettia broke when I was cleaning the pots. It made sense to use is for some sketching but I wanted to pair it with unlikely options, so this is what I ended up doing 😊

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