Astonishing Acrylic! 2

This is the entire set 😁

Such a delight to paint…! 


Unfamiliar Faces

Unfamiliar faces

In familiar lines
Talk of forgotten times
Were you a passenger
On a slow moving train?
Or a pedestrian crossing the road
Carrying some unknown load?
Our glance might have met
You are a stranger yet
After that ephemeral glimpse
Your essence stayed
In some corner of my mind
Along with thousands of memories
Like in the pages of a sketchbook
Waiting for me to grab a pencil
And take an inward look… 🙂

#Sketchbook #strangers #faces 

Moonlight Musings 

I turn to you at night

Towards your gentle light
When the days harsh glare

Is just too much to bear
To obliterate from sight

All that was overly bright
And offer to me instead

Before I go to bed
Your cool silver shower

With all its healing power
And then I sleep like a child

My curtains pushed to one side
Knowing you see me too

Just like I see you…
Waxing and waning with grace

Maintaining your perfect pace… 🌛