A Memory…🌼

A memory from the past

Of mountains,

Of homes

nestled amongst rocks…

And a temple,

Always a little red temple,

At a distance 😊
Watercolour on Paper

#memories #mountains #watercolor #joyofcolour #joyofart


FAMILY Time πŸ˜ƒ

So. I found a swatch of very fine cotton muslin fabric and wondered if I could simply sketch freehand on it with a ball point pen…

After sticking tape on all sides, much like for water colour paper, I started off with one of my most fun subjects, The Owl Family 😁

Art teaches me so much more about life than about mediums and techniques… It teaches me to ‘Assume nothing’… Be forever happily curious and Never lose an opportunity to try something new πŸ˜ƒ… If only to create new mistakes rather than repeat old ones πŸ˜‚