The heat and the earth are so much a part of some people. It seems that they are carved out of the very stone on which they rest their weary bodies… 

Patience courses through their veins like blood. They know not to hurry time… They have been at it mercy always… 

Now they sit still, as still as the figures engraved upon the urns that they wait to sell…. 

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The Balloon Seller 

The Balloon seller is a master businessman, as he prances between cars to sell his wares. He tactfully teases the little occupants till they start begging their parents for one. All this within the span of half an minute!
Deal done, money pocketed and off he runs, to the next red light.
A day on the roads for a little boy…

Balooning Aspirations 

Ever crossed a scene that forced you to stop and soak it in? 

This was one of them for me. The lot of women in colourful clothes, working to make clusters of balloons to sell. An adorable cherub like baby, complete with a monkey-cap to ward off the chill, sitting in the center….

Once again I wondered…Life, what are you all about?


Street-smart :D

These ballooons are the cutest addition to any jam-packed street 🙂 As the vendor goes from car to car hoping to make a sale, he certainly generates smiles and delighted laughter from weary drivers and their little passengers!
I am sure the parents dread this road crossing for its irresistible wares on sale 🙂


Getting a better look!

Delhi roads are considered amongst the most dangerous in the world, they are also the ones that give livelihood to thousands of street vendors, most of them children and young adults selling their wares at the red-light crossings.

 They also give an interested driver endless photo ops and some sudden smiles, like this scene brought to my face… 🙂