We need time…Β 

So. You need time to notice the small things. Things that grow underfoot, things that are not at eye-level. You need time to respect and observe their beauty and perfection. 

At first I wanted to take a brisk, calorie burning walk, but then I looked at the sky, filled with white puffs, I noticed the cool breeze, I watched without haste, the unusual ode to spring that every plant pays in its own way. I HAD to slow down… 

Fat loss could wait, if I missed this time, it would be a loss of a different kind… 😊

Moonlight Sonata

I loved the process of creating this painting. It was messy, uninhibited, exciting and unexpected!

There is something about not knowing the outcome of what one has ventured into that is very refreshing for me. I might start a painting with a particular thought but somewhere it takes a life of its own and almost says to me, ‘Come on,  I’ll show you a thing or two!’ And I must say, it never fails to surprise me😊!