Life Lessons from birds

I found an abandoned nest yesterday.

The storm might has dislodged it from its moorings.

It was a perfect bowl, made from the finest twigs, I cupped it in my palm, imagined the parents who worked so hard to create a lodging for their eggs… I imagined the mother sitting on the eggs and warming them just enough so that the shells would crack and release her chicks…

I felt a lump forming in my throat. Even though some of us have experienced it, a lot of us have seen it in families, just holding an empty nest is a powerful symbol of the inexorable move of time… And why it becomes extra important to grab, cherish and embrace every moment with family.

I brought the nest to my studio and gave it a new occupant 😊… A little ceramic parrot that was gifted by a dear friend… I learnt many things that day… Homes are in constant motion with the energy of those coming and leaving, they have open arms and very large hearts to say goodbye and welcome…

They allow love to walk in from all sources… We just have to be receptiveπŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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The Gift of Gratitude…

What do you say to mornings that take your breath away…

Same neighborhood, same lanes that you walk on and yet there is something unique, or maybe, it is one’s own mind that brings the change… Maybe it’s more at peace, happier… More content. So it notices more, ingests more, loves more, hates less… If I could pray for one thing it would be this… Make me less judgemental, more aware.. More in love… πŸ’•

The Gift of Memory πŸ’•

A parakeet amongst the Croton plant 😁
A thoughtful gift by a friend brings back a memory of the time when a parrot walked into our home with an injured wing.

We nursed it to health, my mom and I. It made our Croton plant its home and as it got better it started chirping from somewhere within the colorful foliage in our living room 😊. It was a delightful song he sang and a blessed sight to spot it, content amongst the giant Croton plant.

Then one day, when he was healthy enough, he took wing, taking a bit of our heart with it and leaving behind a residue of chillies and fruits inside the pot that was his home for some months. 😁

Hope you lived a good life visitor bird. And remembered us with the same fondness, as we do you … ❣️

Knits and Knots of LoveΒ 

Some of the most cosy additions in my winter wardrobe have been knitted for me by my Mom in law 😊.

There are booties in various colours and shawls in brilliant red and emerald green. I have entire woollen bed spreads made by Mom one patch at a time, at the bookshop that she manages ever so efficiently. She loves keeping her brood warm and we love this about her.

The recepients of her woollen creations range from foreigners who visit the shop and fall in love with what she is giving finishing touches to, to distant relatives who keep reminding her that they are still in queueπŸ˜ƒ.

Mom never says no, and nor does she hasten. In her own pace, with her own joy, she just labours away calmly.

Bit by bit she has created entire bedspreads plus cushion covers for all her grand children. They lie beautifully wrapped in her meticulously kept cupboard, waiting for the time they can be gifted. 😊

She has been known to undo ten inches of a sweater because she spots an aberration in her knit 😢. Restarting something is never an issue with her. But living with a less than perfect creation, is.

In the winter, when I wrap around me, a beautifully perfect shawl knitted by her, I am instantly warmed, not so much by the wool as by her love that I feel surrounding me… 😍

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Pets and Life πŸ˜Š

We adopted an adult pet a week back. 

He needed a home and somehow, it didn’t take much deliberation. As a family we decided to go ahead.

My son and I went to pick Mitthu up. He, being the friendly fellow that he is, greeted us with warmth and some tail wags. After sitting with his family for about half an hour, we had to head home. He accompanied us happily, his family coming out in full force to see him off. Even as he sat in the car, it didn’t strike him that he was being taken away from the only family he ever knew in his little life. All the attachments he had formed, were severed in that moment when I reversed the car with Mitthu sitting happily on my son’s lap, looking out of the window with glee.

Our journey home was uneventful. Reaching home was a different matter altogether. There is already a pet there who has staked a claim over our home and hearts. How difficult it must be for him to relinquish some of that love. He lets us know this by shadowing every member, as best as his little legs permit, his eyes confused and worried… Seeking reassurance. 

Mitthu had been rechristened Motu. He has marked his territory with all the fervour of a young gun. I have raided pet shops for sprays, that promise to prevent “repeat markings”. Little realising that “marking” is the only thing he wants! So all corners of our bedroom, most curtains, office bags, wrappings from Amazon, have fallen prey to his determined spray 🀨.

A new bed has been brought for him, New toys too.. But its something else his eyes search for, his expectant gaze looks for someone else to walk through the door. Meanwhile, Bob, our older pet, tries hard to hang on to our affection by trying to snarl this invader away.

Through all of this, I see rays of hope. Everytime the two share a water bowl or cuddle in one bed, is a small victory for the spirits desire to seek love and make its peace with altered circumstances in life…. I am learning so much about loving, losing and loving again… I am learning about acceptance and hope, all through two of the smallest members of our family… 😊

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Down Memory Lane…Β 

I remembered my dad today.

He used to sing old hindi songs while taking one last walk around our home before he slept off. It was like a collective lullaby he sang for all of us. We drifted to sleep either with some Gurbani or a song. He had a mellifluous voice. Completely in tune and with a deep baritone.

Though I was very young, I can still hear him sing, “Mahlon ka Raaja Mila, Rani Beti Raaj Karegi…” It was a poignant song even then, set to a tune that was guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes.

When I was getting married, that song played in my head… I was certainly not marrying a “Mahlon ka Raaja” 😊 But I could feel my dad’s blessing surround me as I left my home for another.

I wonder sometimes about what feelings went through him when he put me to sleep with that song… Was that his way of making sure that the future he dreamed for me entered my subconscious mind too…? That I should treat myself no less than a queen, and carry myself with the dignity of one….
I will never have answers to those, but maybe some questions should just remain unanswered… Because the answer would change nothing… And his blessings could never be diluted ☺️ 

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