Threaded Memories…

I had chopped off the sleeves of some of my kurtas I had worn the most during this lockdown🤭… But I hate throwing things. Always ending up regretting that impulsive moment. So, I rolled the chopped sleeves up and placed them with my embroidery threads. Some unconscious process had already started at that time, I think 😊

Probably, they started a communication with each other😅… The threads and the cloth… Like asking what their future would be like? Did the threads think I’ll do something with them soon… The anxiety was getting to them😁..

Yesterday, I decided to start something I haven’t done ever… Applique and embroidery… I sit in my couch, hearing the news, feeling tumultuous emotions… somehow the act of stitching loose unrelated pieces on to a base cloth helps calm me as well. It prevents my mind from being all over the place… thinking of our collective predicament… Most of which is way worse than our worst nightmares… Stitch by stitch I gain something and I realise it is something that millions are begging for… peace…security… Walking towards it… With miles still to go…

I remember them, but I also remember to be here, where I am at the moment…Stitching together pieces of memory of a time I am unlikely to ever forget…

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Where Love Lives ❤️

Where Love Lives 🤗

So many times, love disguises itself as a question… Have you eaten?… Do you have money on you? … When will you be back?… Not all love chooses the flowery path, some just finds its way through the deep crevices of the practical and the mundane.

Not all language of love is dinner by moonlit beaches or exotic bouquets, some is plain, omnipresent and taken as boring… like the comfort of Maggie on a winter night 😁

Everyone has their own way of showing love, it might not be the way we want to be loved but it is the only way the other person knows how to.

When I was in school, love shown by my mom was never with copious hugs and interminable conversations. It was a fried egg lying on the table and my bread buttered just so. It was a new scarf knitted just before the start of winter and waiting for me on my bed when I came back from school… No floral packaging and bows to untie… It just sat there 🤗

Love has so many definitions… But the bottom line is we will not always be loved the way we want to and sometimes we would have to work really hard to even find the streak of love as advertised on television… But it’s there, in a different form, less romantic, more durable… Less ephemeral, more constant… Less for the world to see, more for the heart to feel… 💕

A Place Called Home 2 💕

Some construction work is going on by the roadside and the laborers have made a makeshift tent for their lodging.

They have selected a cool patch under some trees. The plastic sheets are a riot of colours and there’s a handful of utensils to get on with the daily business of cooking. Sometimes, when I cross them, the front of their home is being swept clean… It’s simple, beautiful and so down to earth 💕

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Dog Tales 😊

The ambition of youth and the contentment of maturity 😊Motu, our beige pug is around three years now. Since he came to us, a year back, as a fully – grown youngster, to now, there’s been a change in him. He’s more confident and let’s his adorable personality shine through. He aches for the outdoors. When he can’t go because of the heat he finds doors to look out through… He’s my soul-dog I feel 😊… We both are happiest amongst fallen leaves and growing grass, we can sit together for hours as long as we can feel the breeze on our face.Bobbie, has turned inwards. Where the youngster looks out, the senior looks in. He looks in to check who all are in the room. Does he have enough company here… Not for him the adventures of the outdoors, he’s ‘been there, done that’ now he knows, all that matters is breathing the same air as his humans 😊.Is it an age related thing I wonder? The young ones believe that all that’s good in life, lives beyond the four walls, the old ones know, it is within… 💕#BobandMotu #dogtales #❣️

Momspiration 💕


One of the perks of living alone, my mom says, is finding things where you left them.

Now, after decades, I can understand why this meant so much to her. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching into a drawer when you are all set to cut something and find the scissors missing 🤬

She does things her way and very few things get broken by her hands.

I don’t have ‘Butter fingers’, she says, unlike me, she means 😔.

I check out my hands, they seem pretty capable to me, but my eyes also don’t miss the ‘feviqik’ marks on many of her old curios, because of me.

She discards very little, especially if these are gifts from her children or grandchildren.

Then, there’s the question of questioning everything.

The ‘whys’ are unending, especially when related to technology. Earlier, she could not keep up with the string of ‘whys’ her children subjected her to, now I feel inadequate. She cannot understand this fast-changing world and she couldn’t care less.

Getting her on the ‘WhatsApp’ was a victory. Deciphering her, ‘nopunctuationnofullstopnocapitalletter’ message is a major defeat on some days 😊

I received a Friend request from mom on Facebook. I was shocked. But I also knew that one of her grandkids was visiting, fuelling her on to take the FB plunge! I sent her a gushing welcome note full of enthusiasm… I still haven’t heard from her. It’s been two years.😔

“How do you find so much time? “
“Don’t you have anything to do?”

Are some of her FAQ’s when we meet.

The final one is,

“Do you have nothing else to write about?” after reading yet another article in which she is the protagonist 😁!

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