Cycling Stories πŸ’—

I enjoy my morning time immensely. It’s like an intimate dialogue with nature with very little disturbance.

All this modified recently when my husband decided to join me for my morning sojourns, mostly cycling trips into by lanes around our home. After the initial hiccups, we got into a rhythm, (quite like our marriage😊)

There were little things I noticed which one never does when cycling alone. For instance, no one suddenly brakes in front of you when alone, forcing you to come to a screeching halt! Or when taking a turn to head back, move clockwise, when you always move anti-clockwise, invariably meeting in the middle and barely avoiding a collision 😁.

Then there is the question of phone calls, if I overtake him and he cannot see me any more because of the bends in the road, the calls start coming πŸ˜‚… I ask him, on a single road, where do you think I will have gone?

What if you are abducted?

With the cycle?? I ask, laughing. 

These are bad times, the solemn ‘newspaper reader’ in him surfaces.

I ride to forget, I ride because for those moments, with the breeze on my face and the rythmic pedalling, all I can do is revel in the beauty of the morning and my ability to delight in it and forget the problems that the world at large is contending with.

I wish he would (or could) do the same….

But there are times when I am truly grateful for his presence, like the times when he catches the attention of the strays that love to bark at me and nip at my ankles. He shoos them away 😍…

I realise that in cycling too he is like he is in our marriage… The protector, care-taker, the one who looks out for potential potholes and helps me avoid them… 😊.

So what if we turn differently, our route is the same, as is our journey…. 😁

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Hollyhocks and HappinessΒ 

I saw a photograph on instagram some weeks ago. I admired it and then forgot about it. Or so I thought, till I was facing a blank canvas and just started working on it with no particular image in mind.  Then out popped the flowers from the subconscious and made their merry way onto it! 

The creative mind and it functioning never ceases to amaze me… The less I interfere, the more unique it becomes and the more it has to say… 😊! 

Peace be with you…Β 

This is a permanent fixture in my bedroom. All the pieces have come from different places as gifts from loving souls. They go well together, therefore, whatever else changes in my room this remains the same. 

In the early morning hours, this arrangement gets the first rays that enter our room, systematically lighting up the leaves of the money plant and then the silhouette of the peaceful image of the Buddha.. 😊

This calms my mind. Quite often it is surrounded by paints and paper and brushes, but nothing affects it.. And therein lies the biggest lesson  it imparts me… There will be times when you are surrounded by chaos and mess. Remain centered, remain peaceful and calm… This too shall pass…. 😊