A Penny for My Thoughts 💕

Made a page today
Do I burden

these empty

With the weight
Of my thoughts
Or lighten them
With some poetry… 😊
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Second Moms 😊

Delhi roads are full of young girls carrying babies on their hips. They are second Moms to these infants. They seem to be taking care every need of theirs in the most efficient manner.

My heart goes out to these young ‘Moms’ who are just kids themselves but already have huge responsibility on their little shoulders.

Bloom like there is no Tomorrow!

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient joy of blooming flowers. In its very immediacy lies its charm.

I was waiting for inspiration… When my eyes descended on a bush that I thought was done with its blossoms…! How wrong I was 😊

Tacoma Stens… A bush that blooms like it cannot contain its joy!!

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Life… Learning and Loving

Mom was unwell some months back…She had to be rushed to the emergency room… As she lay there on the hospital bed, a tangle of IV lines fed her body with a concoction of life-saving medicines… I spent hours by her bedside, taking turns with other family members in rotation.

Sitting alone with time to spare, I started sketching the complex IV pole and the various bags of medicines that hung from it…

The highly skilled and professional nurse came along and peeped over my shoulder, her curiosity piqued at seeing what I was drawing…We had a conversation… Below are the images of what transpired and what took me completely by surprise as I opened the unexpected courier she sent me months later… 💕
I realised that no matter where one is, it is important to stay true to oneself and ones observation of happenings around … Our perspective can give someone else a new way of seeing… 🙏😊

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Journal JOURNEY 🦙📒✏️🖌️


or some reason its the flowers… Always the flowers, in all states of blooming and dying that grabs my attention… I can sketch and paint them for hours… It’s like there is no better memory of a trip than the blossoms I befriended during a leisurely walk or over a solitary cup of coffee…. ❣️

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Only Peaches, No Cream 😊 in Watercolour

Peaches were found lurking behind a thick camouflage of leaves in my moms garden!! But not for long 😁

As soon as I spied them, I realised what a wonderful subject they made, so here is my morning sketch in Watercolor 😁
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Journal Journeys

Pressed between pages
Of a sketchbook
Some memories lie
Snug and safe
Carrying with them
Fragrance and colours
Of alien lands…

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I love keeping a visual journal with lots of images of what I enjoyed seeing in a new place.

These Diaries, kept over years, never fail to make me nostalgic as I remember the plants that grew, the season that was, the fragrance in the air, to me they are more precious than photographs.

While the words are there too, it is the visuals that evoke an instant reaction. 😊