Book Shopping… Shop Hopping 

This is the Kids Corner at Wentworth and Leggett bookstore in Durham, North Carolina, where I am visiting and doing the rounds of all the bookstores I can.

I loved the ancient whole tree trunk pillars. The texture is smooth and stunning to look at. The whorls and waves are as interesting as the unusual variety of books they stock!

You can sit down and lean against the trunk of a tree surrounded by books! I bet that is the stuff most of our book dreams are made of😁!

I touched a trunk and held my ear to it and it was like holding a seashell to the ear… There were tales it was longing to tell. Stories it had heard over the years and absorbed into its very grain, like every good listener does…. 😊

Most of the bookstores I visited are spread out and luxurious with interiors redolent with old book fragrance. There is seating that is soft and welcoming, music that makes you want to tap your feet as you browse.

It’s a beautiful experience to see bookshops thriving and shelves loaded with so much that one has never seen before!

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Checking out a new Hotel in New York


The Henry Norman Hotel is mint fresh, so fresh that in some parts even the paint hasn’t dried.  The place is sparkling with the gloss of bright colors and energetic artworks.


A lot has been done within a relatively small space,  but I have to say it has been done very elegantly and intelligently.



It’s exciting to see how people push the envelope and see space in a completely new way, using it optimally and functionally while keeping design aesthetics in mind 🙂


Great job! Great stay!