Dinner on the Side 😊! 





What dinner in India without all the embellishments that are worthy of sketching 😊

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A Solution to Every Problem πŸ˜

Ward off the evil eye

With chillies and lime

Yes, it works…

You will find them

In most unlikely places

Like on zipping autos

And hole in the wall spaces
Everything will be fine

It seems to reassure

Take your reckless chances

Of protection, you can be sure! 😊

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India…. My storybook.Β 

From the most basic of kitchens come the most delicious of meals! 

On a recent visit to a small village in East Sikkim called Budan, we had a homestay at the simple abode of one of the villagers. Our presence was celebrated as a big occasion for the whole village and a lot of respect was accorded to us. From the traditional welcome, to the performance of local dances, we enjoyed everything. 

Absolute silence and abundant natural beauty just added to the whole experience. 

In such situations, when city people visit Eco villages and homestays,  the whole village rallies around the family that is the host, providing manpower and help when needed. The status of the family is also elevated. 

The more I travel into the interiors of my country the more clearly I recognise the beauty of the human spirit, it’s desire to please and give respect to other beings. They come from a place of dignity. It is a beautiful and symbiotic relationship…. 

The diversity of India never ceases to amaze. Every corner has stories, told and untold. I am blessed to have the opportunity to read these, one page at a time. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Two Worlds, One Life

Nestled in a small corner of South Delhi, is a village called Shahpurjat. It has seen a revival in the most astonishing way..its become a fashion hub and is the goto destination for wedding apparel.

What is interesting here is the juxtaposition of two worlds…the fancy cars find parking space near hand drawn carts, women in designer wear stroll alongside those with their head covered…needless to say it is a lay photographers heaven!

A Wild Ride!

I remember travelling to the hills in buses that were held together by the sheer genius of the driver and conductor (and some highly innovative roadside mechanic!). There was nothing there that did not rattle or squeak. It stopped at the remotest of places and welcomed everybody happily. The guy holding a squawking chicken upside down was as comfortable boarding, as a lady with a basket full of fresh vegetables which rolled out at every turn.
During one journey, rain pourned inside the bus because of holes in the roof. It was then that the stranger behind me opened his umbrella and saved the day and my head!
I have come to believe in the goodness of human nature through my travels. I have seen people go out of their way more often than not, to help someone in distress. 
Maybe I travel because it rekindles my faith in humanity…
Enroute to Lamahatta, WB

May, 2015