The Hills are Singing 🎶🐦🎶

Went into the hills for some bird-watching😊… Just the cool breeze, green forest and birdsong (LOADS of it!!).

Thanks to friends with a similar love for nature and beauty that such precious outings are possible. The leaf-logged trail in the hills, is what I had been longing for and thats exactly where I found myself, right in the midst of abundant Sal forests.

The birds are aplenty right now, they reaffirm my belief that their Habitat is not ruined completely… We should protect their space fervently and categorically… Our co-inhabitants of this beautiful planet who spread so much joy around… 🌏💕😊
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Candyfloss Hills 

Candyfloss Hills
The Rolling Hills

Make me relive the thrill 

When, with a small picnic hamper

We became little campers

And explorers of new lands

Discovering magic within our hands

As we dug for imaginary treasure

And spent a whole day of leisure

Under the warm and cool sun

Having our special brand of fun

As only children can do

With worries, so few

We saw wonder in colour, still

We saw chiffon skies and

Candyfloss hills… 😀
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Memorable Tavels…

I remember travelling to the hills in buses that were held together by the sheer genius of the driver and conductor (and some highly innovative roadside mechanic!). There was nothing there that did not rattle or squeak. It stopped at the remotest of places and welcomed everybody happily. The guy holding a squawking chicken upside down was as comfortable boarding, as a lady with a basket full of fresh vegetables which rolled out at every turn.
During one journey, rain pourned inside the bus because of holes in the roof. It was then that the stranger behind me opened his umbrella and saved the day and my head!

I have come to believe in the goodness of human nature through my travels. I have seen people go out of their way more often than not, to help someone in distress. 

Maybe I travel because it rekindles my faith in humanity…

Enroute to Lamahatta, WB

May, 2015