Colours of Faith 

This season sees a multitude of men and women undertake a journey by foot, walking hundreds of miles sometimes, to collect the pure water of the Ganges in Haridwar and take it back to their villages and towns to bathe their family deities with that water. 

They never keep their beautifully decorated water carriers on the ground. Good samiritans and the government provide rest stations with stands made in them where they place their pure water, rest, eat and carry on with their journey…. Sometimes alone and in small groups at other times… 

It’s a show of their faith and quite a few walk bare foot… 


Mighty Ganges!


Except for the monsoons, when rainwater muddies this awesome body of water, this is the glorious colour of our revered river Ganga!

To see it dececrated and contaminated when it  crosses the cities that have sprouted along its banks is truly heartbreaking. There is an ongoing,  multi-million rupee effort to clean it up, I do hope it yields positive results.