Watercolor Fun

Ah! The stories that blossoming roses start….!


Candyfloss Hills 

Candyfloss Hills
The Rolling Hills

Make me relive the thrill 

When, with a small picnic hamper

We became little campers

And explorers of new lands

Discovering magic within our hands

As we dug for imaginary treasure

And spent a whole day of leisure

Under the warm and cool sun

Having our special brand of fun

As only children can do

With worries, so few

We saw wonder in colour, still

We saw chiffon skies and

Candyfloss hills… 😀
#oiloncanvas #SimplePleasuresofLife #joyofcolour #joyofart

Hollyhocks and Happiness 

I saw a photograph on instagram some weeks ago. I admired it and then forgot about it. Or so I thought, till I was facing a blank canvas and just started working on it with no particular image in mind.  Then out popped the flowers from the subconscious and made their merry way onto it! 

The creative mind and it functioning never ceases to amaze me… The less I interfere, the more unique it becomes and the more it has to say… 😊!