Copy Cat 😊

One stroke at a time

I painstakingly recreate

What nature 

So effortlessly 

Makes… 😊
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A morning walk is a time for revelations. The thought of venturing out before the sun has risen and to actually witness daybreak fills my heart with joy.

The opportunity to capture interesting sights with ones cellphone is amazing too. The shot above was taken from a Samsung phone, a tiny flower hung suspended by an invisible thread, it was swaying gently in the breeze. A pause, a click and back to my walk… So very fulfilling!

Such a Show-off :)

Such a Show-off :)

Some plants are so flamboyant. They stand apart for their exotic beauty, their color, their precise and unusual formation. In a collection of ordinary pretty flowers they seem to attract everyone`s attention, like the most gorgeous girl at a party!


The wholesale flower market (phool mandi)  is a place that can take your breath away with the scenes it offers.  This man was carrying strings of gorgeous Marigold flowers,  that must have weighed a ton! He willingly posed for a quick pic,  before his boss saw him :)!

Shared Destiny

Shared Destiny

It`s truly beautiful to see the world through a micro lens. So many details come to life. They make one sit up and take note of the intricacy and beauty hiding just inches away from ones face!