Fight or Flight or Freedom

Sometimes, for no fault of ours, we feel trapped. Stuck and entangled into complications not of our making. It seems that the harder we work to release ourself, the tighter we get stuck.

Occasionally, a passing breeze reminds us of what freedom tasted like… What movement felt like…and we long for that time when the shackles that bind us, shall release their stranglehold.

It might help to remember that if an errant breeze cut short our flight, it might be a storm that will bring our salvation… Let’s keep our eyes pinned on the lively blue sky, that awaits our dance with the breeze again… 😊

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A Sketch a Day :) Flight 

A sky full of monsoon clouds, breeze and pigeons! Dancing, chasing, frolicking, just delighted to be alive at that very moment! It’s so beautiful to just look at them and say a quiet ‘Thank You!’ To whoever or whatever it is that makes all this possible!😀

If You Love Something, Set it Free….

If You Love Something, Set it Free....

It is a tradition in some parts of India to train pigeons for recreation. A whole flock lives on the roof-top of the house of the master. The birds are free to fly around and they always come back after sojourns around the neighbourhood. The birds are usually marked with some pigment for easy identification. These two broke away from the flock to race each other before joining the group again of ten again!

Though more common in the older parts of Delhi, it is quite an unusual sight to see trained birds in the more modern parts of this bustling city.