The Driving Test 😂

So. I went to Sheikh Sarai to get my licence renewed.😎

The all important Window No 1. looked empty from a distance so I increased my speed to a double trot, not believing my good luck.😁

Once there, the reason became clear… Starting 26th Dec, all tests were going to be conducted from Sarai Kale Khan 🙄.

When I broke this news to my driver he was shocked…. But that’s so far, he exclaimed.

I would have nothing of it. So off we went in search of this elusive place. Upon reaching I was introduced to a full-blown, complex, complicated course, designed to make you fail!

The instructor incharge was a man of few words.. 

I will not repeat my instructions, you don’t follow, you can leave. You touch the embankment, you leave. If you cannot make a tight, looped, 8, leave, if you cannot parallel park, you know what to do… I thought in my heart, When do we stay!??

To make matters more interesting, as it happens in India all the time, when there is a high probability of people making a fool of themselves in public, a large group had gathered around the boundary walls of the driving course.. (my driver included 😶).

Having driven most of my adult life, I was working out my cuts and turns in my head, visualizing amazing grace and dexterity in my every turn 😇. It didn’t help that the three drivers ahead of me were disqualified for climbing on various embankments 😥 within minutes of each other. 

When my turn came, I reached the instructor efficiently… Only to be told,

Seatbelt kaun bandhe Gaa???

Looking suitably shame-faced, I buckled in and tackled the course, with minor hiccups 😏.

I remembered to give the indicator everytime the road turned, I was neither fast, nor furious (😂) just a picture of calm on the outside.

When the result was announced, I felt no less than Miss World!!! I could’ve thrown flying kisses to all the hangers on, who were showing me the ‘thumbs up’ sign 😆😁

But I didn’t.

I was just glad that I hadn’t failed the test that my son had passed!!


A Little Magic on the Road :)

Driving down to my studio yesterday, I had the misfortune of having one of those real nasty drivers behind me… Those who drive bumper to bumper, literally sitting on the horn and swearing all the time. I looked at him in the rear view mirror and he looked like a dark cloud of anger. 
How can one hasten a traffic jam? I wondered. And then, for my own peace of mind I decided to edge into another lane, just to get away from him. As he came into the spot I managed to vacate, I looked at him again and to my utter astonishment he was smiling!

The reason was in the car ahead of him… Two cute kids wouldn’t stop grinning their toothless grins and waving at him.. They broke down his armour of anger and somehow their smiles and innocence touched him. 

He waved at them shyly and tentatively at first.. And was slowly transformed into a more joyful being, a magic that only kids can weave… 😊

Lower that window!


When I was little, putting my head near the open car window was one of my favourite things to do during journeys. The play of the breeze on the face and hair, the myriad fragrances of a wet mountain road, all added to the fun of travel, with music providing a happy, foot-tapping beat.
However, It stopped when contact lenses found their way into the eyes and vanity prevented the newly shampooed hair from getting messed up in the wind!
Now, years later, the playfulness of childhood has dawned yet again and as one leaves the pollution of the city behind and starts the uphill climb on mountainous roads, down come the windows and one, once again, discovers the simple pleasures of driving… 🙂
Sikkim Roads, Premonsoon,

May, 2015