Pop Eye 😊 Poppy

Flowers bring a beauty to every landscape in ways that man can never dream of.

They grow with perfection in their chaos… Creating a foreground and background that is stunning. Even if one were to not look beyond one single flower, one is staring into perfection.


The Driving Test πŸ˜‚

So. I went to Sheikh Sarai to get my licence renewed.😎

The all important Window No 1. looked empty from a distance so I increased my speed to a double trot, not believing my good luck.😁

Once there, the reason became clear… Starting 26th Dec, all tests were going to be conducted from Sarai Kale Khan πŸ™„.

When I broke this news to my driver he was shocked…. But that’s so far, he exclaimed.

I would have nothing of it. So off we went in search of this elusive place. Upon reaching I was introduced to a full-blown, complex, complicated course, designed to make you fail!

The instructor incharge was a man of few words.. 

I will not repeat my instructions, you don’t follow, you can leave. You touch the embankment, you leave. If you cannot make a tight, looped, 8, leave, if you cannot parallel park, you know what to do… I thought in my heart, When do we stay!??

To make matters more interesting, as it happens in India all the time, when there is a high probability of people making a fool of themselves in public, a large group had gathered around the boundary walls of the driving course.. (my driver included 😢).

Having driven most of my adult life, I was working out my cuts and turns in my head, visualizing amazing grace and dexterity in my every turn πŸ˜‡. It didn’t help that the three drivers ahead of me were disqualified for climbing on various embankments πŸ˜₯ within minutes of each other. 

When my turn came, I reached the instructor efficiently… Only to be told,

Seatbelt kaun bandhe Gaa???

Looking suitably shame-faced, I buckled in and tackled the course, with minor hiccups 😏.

I remembered to give the indicator everytime the road turned, I was neither fast, nor furious (πŸ˜‚) just a picture of calm on the outside.

When the result was announced, I felt no less than Miss World!!! I could’ve thrown flying kisses to all the hangers on, who were showing me the ‘thumbs up’ sign πŸ˜†πŸ˜

But I didn’t.

I was just glad that I hadn’t failed the test that my son had passed!!


The heat and the earth are so much a part of some people. It seems that they are carved out of the very stone on which they rest their weary bodies… 

Patience courses through their veins like blood. They know not to hurry time… They have been at it mercy always… 

Now they sit still, as still as the figures engraved upon the urns that they wait to sell…. 

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A Mysterious MorningΒ 

 When fog descends, it obliterates all features that one is familiar with, the same old landscape becomes mysterious, captivating and enchanting. The swirling mist reminds one of stories written by  Ruskin Bond in the hills of Mussoorie. 
I enter the fog to reach a fish pond where the fish wait patiently to be fed. When i look back there is no home, just a blank wall of fog! 

Such days happen a few times in the Delhi winter and when they do..they infuse the being with a chilling excitement 


Baby’s Day Out :)

This little child was playing in a sandpit by the roadside with a raggedy doll larger than her! I took permission from her mother to click this animated baby, but as soon as she saw the  phone in my hand, she promptly dropped the doll and just wanted the phone! 
After much cajoling the mother managed to distract her enough to be still for a bit 😊

The big black mark on the babys forehead is to ward off the evil eye and is put by most parents on small children.


Another perspective, another Life..

  The temperature is soaring high in New Delhi. As I wait at the red light crossing, I survey my surroundings.The landscape looks dreary and bleak. Suddenly the side view mirror reflects a startling burst of colour in the form of balls being transported on a bicycle. The visibly hunched man propels his cargo through the sweltering heat that I was complaining about from my air-conditioned car…