For You, Mom. 

Every day is yours Mom 

Just letting you know 

My heartbeat is your gift I carry

Everywhere I go… ☺️


The Balloon Seller 

The Balloon seller is a master businessman, as he prances between cars to sell his wares. He tactfully teases the little occupants till they start begging their parents for one. All this within the span of half an minute!
Deal done, money pocketed and off he runs, to the next red light.
A day on the roads for a little boy…

Baby’s Day Out :)

This little child was playing in a sandpit by the roadside with a raggedy doll larger than her! I took permission from her mother to click this animated baby, but as soon as she saw the  phone in my hand, she promptly dropped the doll and just wanted the phone! 
After much cajoling the mother managed to distract her enough to be still for a bit 😊

The big black mark on the babys forehead is to ward off the evil eye and is put by most parents on small children.


Happiness walks on tiny, busy feet :)


Clicked this in Spiti Valley. We had gone to a small village for a home stay and this cute little girl was rushing to see if she could assist us with our luggage 🙂

The simplicity and spirituality of the hill people reflects in their gentleness and their smile. Against all odds and in the toughest of terrains they survive….So much to be learned from them!