Magical Visitor πŸ˜€

Our morning visitor is a peacock😁!

He comes regularly to ask for food. He makes us aware of his presence by a few gentle taps on the door and maintains a respectful distance. 😊… It is one of the most magical sights that one can observe… A complete trust between bird and man… πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’•!


Birds on Board!!Β 

I came out after my bath to find these two happily finalising the place for their nest 😯…

More than the shock of finding not one, but two birds in my bedroom, was the fear that they had no idea just how they had got in!

Getting pigeons out of your room is quite like playing carrom. You keep moving them to the nearest exit one step at a time, quite like we did with the ‘queen’ in the hope of ensnaring her 😎

So from the AC, I shooed them to the fan, from the fan to the nearest light fitting, from the fitting to the chair and then finally, out the door that I had left open for some fresh winter air 😁!

My Feathered Friend

​There is a little bird that has been visiting my studio for a while. She comes with a flock but quickly separates from them and sits by my window, looking inwards to where I work. She gives one loud peck on the window and when we make eye contact, she leaves. This is her way of demanding peanuts,  something she loves more than the Bajra and rice I put out for her and her friends! So, I drop whatever I am doing, shell the peanuts and then crush them so that my friend can have her special treat😊! 🐀

πŸ˜€ Joy of Kids!

I was rushing out in the morning and didn’t have time to leave food for all the birds and squirrels who look forward to their meal outside my balcony.
I requested my son, who is a Public Policy major, to do the needful. Just before leaving, I asked him, “You do know what to do na?”

His reply, “I have to ensure a democratic destribution of birdfeed so that no one creature is neglected or exploited. For this I shall make small piles of grains all over, ensuring that the smallest and the largest…the strongest and the weakest will have their fair share, without fighting for it.”

Needless to say, I left in great haste!