Of Words And Visuals😊

I open my journal to write my thoughts.

The lines, instead of falling into a neat cursive hand, elongate themselves into birds and flowers and animals… It’s like my language is finding a different story… It’s not interested in what happened yesterday, or other long drawn out tales of living, like a good journal should be… ο˜….

It is more interested in what fills my heart.

I question its timing… Like, can’t you wait till I get better paper… Better pens… A well-thought out composition? But it doesn’t careο˜ο™„… So a scene pops up on ruled paper, I know it’s not going anywhere, I know it’ll stay within the folds of this diary to be forgotten soon, like the hundreds of others that have pushed the words out of the way and grabbed hold of the visuals… Quite like an erstwhile Charlie Chaplin movie οŽ₯.

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I Know You…

Some flora and fauna blossoming 😊

When I am faced with a blank page… I wonder what to sketch or paint and then, invariably, my eyes go to the trees. Behind leaves and branches and the mystery that lies there… I spot a sparkling eye… Some ruffling feathers and my heart is filled with joy. I know you… It seems to say to the birds and the energy that emanates from nature… You are me and I, you… ❀️
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A Place in my Heart β€οΈ

Twilight Zone

I realise after deliberating over a painting for hours, that what I really want to make is a place that I would love to visit… To sit where the Lotus bloom… Where wild grass grows, and maybe it’s visited by a firefly or two… 😊.
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Morning Magic

Bottle brushes are in full bloom. They look like the tear of every Weeping Willow branch ended in a flower. It’s a gorgeous sight.

At a distance, hills fade away into gentle shades of lilac tinged with the orange of a Sun that is still mustering its strength to rise.

Bird call fills the air, lilting, musical, ethereal… They flit from branch to branch with joyous energy.

Such a perfect world has been created, and it’s never more evident than in the the early morning hours… In the hills πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦β˜€οΈβ˜•

Kindness of StrangersπŸ˜πŸŽ‰

It was nearing teatime.

Having wandered the Surajkund Mela for many hours with some friends, we finally reached a stall selling stunning Afghani kilim and carpets.

We sat down and started a conversation with the pleasing Afghan gentleman. He could see how tired we were and just how relaxed to be sitting, surrounded by so much hand-woven and colourful beauty.

Leaving us in the care of his cousin, the shopkeeper disappeared for some time, reappearing once again with some hot, refreshing green tea and ‘Shahi Tukdi’ 😍… To say that tea never tasted tastier or mithai more delicious, would be an understatement!!

So there we sat, my American friends and I, chatting with an Afghani who could converse in eight languages (πŸ€“!) while sitting in Haryana 😁….!

How’s that for an extraordinary day?!

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