The Notes we Carry

Got rich today morning!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

As part of my ‘A Sketch a Day’ I tried to draw the 500 rupee note and saw details in it that I had never observed before! There are flowers on the note 😊… 15 languages have been used to mention that this is Rs.500… Ek kadam swachta ke oar, has been added.

The details of the Red Fort are absolutely stunning, and Bapu too! Space distribution to include so many elements with such clarity is truly worth appreciating πŸ˜€

So when you have some time on your hands, do observe the beauty in the notes we carry around without much thought…!

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Mom knows Best!Β 

Dry bamboo behind a potted plant. 

Who else but a mother can think of giving pride of place to anything drying or dying 😊.

My mom specialises in picking up seeds and leaves and placing them in the most artistic manner, for her own joy…Every time I visit her, there are new flowering plants in small bottles and jars. She makes a collection of them on an antiquated table that has seen better days… And makes it look fabulous. It seems like she discards nothing… Just puts it to different use. ☺️

There are frangipani flowers that fell out of a hairclip, adorning an evergreen plant in the living room. From a distance, it looks brilliant! Guests wonder if they can take a ‘cutting’ of this unusual plant… Much to moms delight.

In the night, when even owls might struggle to navigate their terrain, my mom trapezes over pipes and flower beds to make me smell the fragrance of her latest Blossoms! She knows each and every flower by heart… She inspires me by her enthusiasm for small joys.. Those are the big ones for her 😊

I love this about her!

This one’s for you Mom 😁! 

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Nature Calls😁

When the trees March

Onto your journal in September

Full of vigour and positive energy

You know staying indoors

Is no longer an option…

And it’s finally time

To dust those keds

Inhale deeply

And be on your merry way

Soaking in the rejuvenating energy

That only nature brings!… 😁😊

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