Baby’s Day Out :)

This little child was playing in a sandpit by the roadside with a raggedy doll larger than her! I took permission from her mother to click this animated baby, but as soon as she saw the  phone in my hand, she promptly dropped the doll and just wanted the phone! 
After much cajoling the mother managed to distract her enough to be still for a bit 😊

The big black mark on the babys forehead is to ward off the evil eye and is put by most parents on small children.


Gentle Giant


The power of contact and touch is vital for all newborns regardless of whether they are human or animal. This father makes sure that the baby is cosy and safe from the cold mountain air and he hugs the calf and lets it suckle on his finger while they wait for the cow to come home after a meal of fresh grass.. 🙂