Kindred Spirits 😊

It took

The wildness

Of nature

To make me realise

We are

Kindred spirits…. 😊


The Balloon Seller 

The Balloon seller is a master businessman, as he prances between cars to sell his wares. He tactfully teases the little occupants till they start begging their parents for one. All this within the span of half an minute!
Deal done, money pocketed and off he runs, to the next red light.
A day on the roads for a little boy…

A Sketch a Day… The Endless Wait

Inspiration floats around in newspapers, photographs and everywhere on the streets. 

Now, more than ever before, fantastic subjects exist, that can be inspiring enough for one to spend time understanding and sketching for hours on end.

I read the newspapers with a scissor in my hands and chop everything that is even remotely exciting. I have boxes full of cuttings that I go through occasionally and they almost always give me food for thought!