A gentle giant passes away
Hope humans can rest in peace
#extinction #sudan #whiterhino #nature #stopthekilling #stopthekillingofinnocentanimals


The Memo in Memories 😊

From an image on a carry bag, to a sketch in my journal… A moment well-catalogued, a trip recorded in small moments of complete joy 😊!

#nature #beauty #SimplePleasuresofLife #pen #pencilfun #Sikkim

Between the Camera and the Canvas :)


Right outside my studio balcony is a flowering silk-floss tree. It attracts the most gorgeous creatures in the morning hours. So when I should actually be painting, i have my camera trained on that tree, sometimes for hours on end. And then, quite unexpectedly, I am rewarded by a shot like this one of a Green Barbet, looking for her morning meal 🙂

I console myself that no matter what I painted, it would be no match to these beauties that my camera captures 😀