Words…. 😀


Let`s REALLY Live!

You start dying slowly

if you do not travel

if you do not read

if you do not listen to the sounds of life,

if you do not appreciate yourself….

Pablo Neruda

Lets REALLY Live!!

On the Road

Bagdogra-Darjeeling Highway

May, 2015


A Wild Ride!

I remember travelling to the hills in buses that were held together by the sheer genius of the driver and conductor (and some highly innovative roadside mechanic!). There was nothing there that did not rattle or squeak. It stopped at the remotest of places and welcomed everybody happily. The guy holding a squawking chicken upside down was as comfortable boarding, as a lady with a basket full of fresh vegetables which rolled out at every turn.
During one journey, rain pourned inside the bus because of holes in the roof. It was then that the stranger behind me opened his umbrella and saved the day and my head!
I have come to believe in the goodness of human nature through my travels. I have seen people go out of their way more often than not, to help someone in distress. 
Maybe I travel because it rekindles my faith in humanity…
Enroute to Lamahatta, WB

May, 2015

House of God

I was drawn into this sacred space that had an unassuming entrance. As i walked in i was stunned by the beauty within! The high ceiling decorated in the most gorgeous colours and motifs, the exquisite stainedglass windows 
All added to its serene beauty. It was like an invitation…come…sit…breathe…lets acknowledge each others existence 🙂



A morning walk is a time for revelations. The thought of venturing out before the sun has risen and to actually witness daybreak fills my heart with joy.

The opportunity to capture interesting sights with ones cellphone is amazing too. The shot above was taken from a Samsung phone, a tiny flower hung suspended by an invisible thread, it was swaying gently in the breeze. A pause, a click and back to my walk… So very fulfilling!



The roads in Himachal that take one to Spiti and beyond can make the heart clutch with fear and excitement. This overhanging mountain through which a road was blasted, makes one duck ones head automatically!

Driving there is an amazing experience indeed and one has new respect for the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), that create and maintain these roads 🙂