Art on Rice Paper

The Lotus Eater 😁

Rice paper, contrary to its name, is highly resilient with water and quite enjoys mixing watercolours on its surface… It’s certainly challenging, but I can already feel the potential it has.

Looking forward to making more refined artwork on this beautiful surface 😊


Morning Magic 👌

Woke up to clouds
Blurring a sizzling summer sun
Felt cool in my heart
Fresh in my soul
Left my walking shoes aside
Made tea instead
This morning
Needed to be savoured
One sip at a time… 😊☕
This was the date
I was waiting for
Between myself
And me
This was the time
I was waiting for
Just to be free… 💕

Book Review… Girl with a Pearl Earring

#bookreview #fortheloveofart

Remember Steve McCurry’s ‘Afghan Girl’, looking over her right shoulder, remember being mesmerized by her eyes? That expression? The juxtaposition of colours? Well, the cover of this book, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ will do the same to you.

If you pick this book, you’ll find yourself turning back to have a look at the cover, mid-story, stare at mystique of her eyes, fathom her expression, read those lips… As the story progresses and more of her personality is revealed, one searches for the artists genius in her face.

Vermeer is an artist who’s work I have always admired. Reading a fictional story about his life, his family and his approach to art is beautiful.

The real hero of this story, however, is Griet, a sixteen year old who joins the Vermeer household as a maid.

We walk through the entire story holding onto her hand. Her insights and perceptions are sharp and quite often unbelievable in their maturity. She stands apart from the others, mature and independent, as others fumble around, her young life is put in disarray when the artist decides to paint her… How she copes with it and how her life pans out, is what you need to read the book for. It is sure to transport you to another era.

Tracy Chevalier is an author that I wish to read more. All her other books have made it to my ‘tbr’ list 😊

Ranting… 🙄

One of the things that I never noticed before and one which, never fails to annoy me is the unconscious way in which people slam their feet while walking. It is like slapping the Earth. Sounds dramatic, but thats how it feels.

The other is the sound of water being wasted… A faucet leaking or the entire tap being opened to rinse one small spoon… How is it that this is fine with some people?

And what’s with staring at the phone or the ipad while replying to a question? It’s just so rude!!

And wasting food after serving yourself? No one put that quantity on your plate, so what dump half-eaten food into the dust bin like it’s garbage??