Tell Me…😊

Is it only me
Do you wait too
For the hook
Of a new book
To sink into you
And grab
Your heart
And mind
Take you
To an unknown world
You always wanted
To find…?

Or else
You might wander
Another book ponder
Leaving the first
Half its words
Like clouds that form
Do not rain
Even though you wait
In vain…?


Oil Painting from a small sketch

Modifying a watercolor sketch from my sketchbook into a 3×3 ft acrylic and oil painting…. Such Joy😁

#coloursoflife #joyofcolour #joyofart #myart #painting #lotuslove

#expresslife #mixedmedia #myart

Making Memories with Ma ðŸ˜

A drive
On winding roads
That we’ve traversed
A hundred times before
But that still seem
So much fun
Because I have you
For company

“Where are we going?”
You ask, excitement alive in your beautiful eyes.
“I want to explore those prayer flags up on that hill, they seem like a new addition.” I say.

“Great!” you settle yourself comfortably into your seat and fish out our favourite music CD from the recesses of your dashboard.

As sufi music fills your car, we lower our windows, the higher we climb up the winding road. We talk about so much that’s happening in life and your perspective is always refreshing to hear. There is really no substitute for age, I think. You make everything simple, like making a neat ball of wool that seems tangled beyond repair, giving it a reassuring pat as you coil away the last of the string.

You mention a cool cafe that your friends and you’ve discovered and just how much you love visiting it… And just like that, I pause and make a U turn on the rather narrow road.

“What about the prayer flags?” you ask.

“They can flutter away,” I say with a smile.

Let’s visit the coffee shop you discovered while I was away❣️!

#Doondiaries #momstheway