The Flow of Flowers πŸŒΈ

Watercolour is a beautiful medium to play with while watching television πŸ˜‚πŸ“Ί… As the left brain becomes less opinionated, the right one takes over and allows one to enjoy a new artistic freedom!

For this sketchbook art, I started doodling with coloured pens and then went over them joyfully with a wet on wet watercolour technique 😁… The results were refreshing and it made me wish I had done it on good quality paper as opposed to my sketchbook 😊… It was fun, nevertheless!

Bloom like there is no Tomorrow!

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient joy of blooming flowers. In its very immediacy lies its charm.

I was waiting for inspiration… When my eyes descended on a bush that I thought was done with its blossoms…! How wrong I was 😊

Tacoma Stens… A bush that blooms like it cannot contain its joy!!

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Only Peaches, No Cream 😊 in Watercolour

Peaches were found lurking behind a thick camouflage of leaves in my moms garden!! But not for long 😁

As soon as I spied them, I realised what a wonderful subject they made, so here is my morning sketch in Watercolor 😁
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