Sweetness of Bitter Gourd πŸ˜¬

The gentle curves and delicacy of a bitter gourd plant confuse the viewer about its bitter taste 😊… It’s a delight to paint. The leaves and the flowers, the delicate stalk and colour, are beautiful to behold 😊

Here is my attempt at the bitter gourd in Watercolour.


Lifelessons in watercolours β€οΈ

There is something soothing

about watercolours… The way they float and merge creating new colours and enhancing the old… It gives hope and excitement… There are new possibilities as long as one is fluid and flexible… πŸ’•

Bloom like there is no Tomorrow!

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient joy of blooming flowers. In its very immediacy lies its charm.

I was waiting for inspiration… When my eyes descended on a bush that I thought was done with its blossoms…! How wrong I was 😊

Tacoma Stens… A bush that blooms like it cannot contain its joy!!

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Only Peaches, No Cream 😊 in Watercolour

Peaches were found lurking behind a thick camouflage of leaves in my moms garden!! But not for long 😁

As soon as I spied them, I realised what a wonderful subject they made, so here is my morning sketch in Watercolor 😁
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