The Flow of Flowers 🌸

Watercolour is a beautiful medium to play with while watching television 😂📺… As the left brain becomes less opinionated, the right one takes over and allows one to enjoy a new artistic freedom!

For this sketchbook art, I started doodling with coloured pens and then went over them joyfully with a wet on wet watercolour technique 😁… The results were refreshing and it made me wish I had done it on good quality paper as opposed to my sketchbook 😊… It was fun, nevertheless!

Happy Hydrangeas in Watercolour 😊🎨

People travel to all sorts of exotic places and because of so much connectivity one finds oneself inundated with inspiration.

I save many images, some for their colour others for the subject…once in a while I bring out a photo stare at it for a while, relish the colours, the contrasts and the values… Then I put it away and rely solely on my impression of it to work in my sketch book.

I feel this gives me a sense of direction and also complete freedom to have a ‘selective’ memory 😊