Happy Hydrangeas in Watercolour πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ¨

People travel to all sorts of exotic places and because of so much connectivity one finds oneself inundated with inspiration.

I save many images, some for their colour others for the subject…once in a while I bring out a photo stare at it for a while, relish the colours, the contrasts and the values… Then I put it away and rely solely on my impression of it to work in my sketch book.

I feel this gives me a sense of direction and also complete freedom to have a ‘selective’ memory 😊


Watercolour Wildflowers

All the flowers
I have ever known
Lie in a sunlit corner
Of my mind
Alive and resplendent
As though
Was just yesterday
And I,
A girl of sixteen… πŸ’•

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