Lazy Day Watercolors πŸ˜Š

A lazy day…
What better way
To chronicle
The ticking hours
But one stroke
At a time
Mixing colours
Merging lines 😊😁
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Bloom like there is no Tomorrow!

Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient joy of blooming flowers. In its very immediacy lies its charm.

I was waiting for inspiration… When my eyes descended on a bush that I thought was done with its blossoms…! How wrong I was 😊

Tacoma Stens… A bush that blooms like it cannot contain its joy!!

#Watercolor #nature #SimplePleasuresofLife #storiesfrommygarden

Only Peaches, No Cream 😊 in Watercolour

Peaches were found lurking behind a thick camouflage of leaves in my moms garden!! But not for long 😁

As soon as I spied them, I realised what a wonderful subject they made, so here is my morning sketch in Watercolor 😁
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Gateway to Joy… πŸ˜Š

Over and over again, in many different ways, I realise the joy of consistency.

At one point, habits one wanted to inculcate, never really developed, excuses came in the way. All believable, justifiable…

Then, one day, things fell in place. My desire to paint a sketch a day, became a habit that intrenched itself seamlessly into my routine. I would get up early or work late, or draw in waiting rooms or lounges, but I never made any excuse.

I realise the many levels of bliss that open up when the eyes start seeing things in New ways and the hands understand the minds subtle orders of seamless coordination.

There is no time for procrastination, one is too busy doing things that one deeply enjoys and has made time for… 😊