India…. My storybook. 

From the most basic of kitchens come the most delicious of meals! 

On a recent visit to a small village in East Sikkim called Budan, we had a homestay at the simple abode of one of the villagers. Our presence was celebrated as a big occasion for the whole village and a lot of respect was accorded to us. From the traditional welcome, to the performance of local dances, we enjoyed everything. 

Absolute silence and abundant natural beauty just added to the whole experience. 

In such situations, when city people visit Eco villages and homestays,  the whole village rallies around the family that is the host, providing manpower and help when needed. The status of the family is also elevated. 

The more I travel into the interiors of my country the more clearly I recognise the beauty of the human spirit, it’s desire to please and give respect to other beings. They come from a place of dignity. It is a beautiful and symbiotic relationship…. 

The diversity of India never ceases to amaze. Every corner has stories, told and untold. I am blessed to have the opportunity to read these, one page at a time. 😊💕

Fifty Shades of Saffron, Mauve and Grey :)

The hills and mountains seen from a small hamlet called Sarahan, in Himachal Pradesh, provide the most magical sunsets. The colors change in seconds and as night falls the musical crickets take over, providing unique music to the setting Sun!





The best things in life may be free but this stunningly located property must have cost a fortune!! Any body who has travelled to Leh and then onwards to the gorgeous Tso Moriri lake must have seen this building. Its the only construction there, not including the army camps and the small abodes of the village people 🙂