Plant and let Bloom! 

I know homes by the flowers that peep out of boundary walls during spring! 

Sometimes I tell the driver, Bhaiya, uss gali me lena… And I am seldom disappointed. There, peeping through the concrete, would be the most startling creeper celebrating spring! 

At other times, it is trees. I know which home would be surrounded by a blaze of orange Palaash or stunning yellow Laburnum or the cool of mauve Jacaranda. 

There are strangers whose personality I try and discern through the wilderness they choose to have in front of their home or disciplined beds of color-coordinated flowers. It’s interesting. 

So plant and let bloom, in you garden or in your balcony, these miracles of nature…For you never know who will change their path to include a view of them, on their way home and send a silent blessing your way!