Home Away from Home 😊… Travelogue

Home Away from Home

I wake up in a new city.

With the excitement of traveling alone comes the attendent hours of solitude. No maids to instruct, no door bells to attend to, no one to ask for advice or permission, no dogs to walk, just you, on your own, in a strange place.

I make small forays into the neighbourhood. Observing flora and fauna and humans too. On this round earth, from one side to another, so much variety and colour exists. Differences are apparent but daily issues seem similar.

Multi-tasking, rushing, finding quiet time to read under the shade of a tree, these seem familiar, universal tasks.

The window seat becomes my favorite spot. From here I observe life, without being in it.

The kids playing soccer after school hours are a delight to watch. So much energy and joy!

When a sudden shower takes them by surprise there is a collective whoop of joy and the game becomes even more boisterous, I smile from my perch, kids! I tell you 😊

I make my own bed when I travel. It gives me a sense of home. It helps to keep me grounded and focused… It tells me no matter how disconnected my day might be, I have a place to rest and to connect with myself. It is here that I read late into the night and sleep with the side lamp still on, it is here that I fill my journal, and crawl back into, with my morning cup of tea. It’s an important space, almost as important as the temporary work station I create by pushing furniture around (much to the horror of the staff😬)!

“Home is where one wakes up.”
A song once stated…Even if it isn’t, there is a strong urge to make the journey a more meaningful one 🌸😊

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A Little Cafe in Dehradun

Nestled amongst trees and flowering pots is a cute Cafe in #Dehradun, a small hill town on the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s called Cafe de Piccolo.

There is something about white, reclining garden chairs on a semi-winter morning that beg a person to stop whatever they are doing and take a coffee break, or in my case, a hot chocolate one 🍡😊.

The Cafe boasts of an interesting homemade menu, that is at once healthy and delicious.

People stop here from all parts of this small town and also travellers on their way to or from Mussoorie, a neighboring hill station popular with people living in the plains.

If quaint, clean, places attract you then this could be on your itinerary when I. Dehradun and on Rajpur Road 😊❀️

Journal JOURNEY πŸ¦™πŸ“’βœοΈπŸ–ŒοΈ


or some reason its the flowers… Always the flowers, in all states of blooming and dying that grabs my attention… I can sketch and paint them for hours… It’s like there is no better memory of a trip than the blossoms I befriended during a leisurely walk or over a solitary cup of coffee…. ❣️

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Journal Journeys

Pressed between pages
Of a sketchbook
Some memories lie
Snug and safe
Carrying with them
Fragrance and colours
Of alien lands…

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I love keeping a visual journal with lots of images of what I enjoyed seeing in a new place.

These Diaries, kept over years, never fail to make me nostalgic as I remember the plants that grew, the season that was, the fragrance in the air, to me they are more precious than photographs.

While the words are there too, it is the visuals that evoke an instant reaction. 😊

Book Shopping… Shop HoppingΒ 

This is the Kids Corner at Wentworth and Leggett bookstore in Durham, North Carolina, where I am visiting and doing the rounds of all the bookstores I can.

I loved the ancient whole tree trunk pillars. The texture is smooth and stunning to look at. The whorls and waves are as interesting as the unusual variety of books they stock!

You can sit down and lean against the trunk of a tree surrounded by books! I bet that is the stuff most of our book dreams are made of😁!

I touched a trunk and held my ear to it and it was like holding a seashell to the ear… There were tales it was longing to tell. Stories it had heard over the years and absorbed into its very grain, like every good listener does…. 😊

Most of the bookstores I visited are spread out and luxurious with interiors redolent with old book fragrance. There is seating that is soft and welcoming, music that makes you want to tap your feet as you browse.

It’s a beautiful experience to see bookshops thriving and shelves loaded with so much that one has never seen before!

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