Colorful Remains of Spring 😊

So, today we worked with mixed media of watercolours, acrylic and watercolour pencils… With the aim of making colour vibrant and contrasts more effective 😁

What is a bed of wilderness
If not scattered happiness
In all colours 😊

Redefining Disability through Art

A brilliant panel, an amazing audience and a great learning and sharing experience! Had a great presentation 😊!

One forgets the processes one has put in place over years of work with a certain group of people. When those methods and processes are shared with a large, learned audience that want an insight into ones work, they are genuinely amazed and hugely surprised.

I was presenting to The professors and students of the Department of Education, most of whom have an interest in special education.

These Symposiums are a way forward for opening up minds and introducing fresh ideas through people who have hands on experience.

Had the fantastic opportunity to see how therapeutic dance and music work. The in depth personal journeys that people have undertaken, and are sharing is astonishing, to say the least… 😊