Street-smart :D

These ballooons are the cutest addition to any jam-packed street 🙂 As the vendor goes from car to car hoping to make a sale, he certainly generates smiles and delighted laughter from weary drivers and their little passengers!
I am sure the parents dread this road crossing for its irresistible wares on sale 🙂


A break from work..


Most road crossings in Delhi have their own set of street artists. One plays the drum and another young acrobat performs, often using a small ring through which she makes her way with aplomb, much to the shock of motorists. 

Between the traffic lights changing colour, they quickly take a break and do the things kids should normally be doing, climbing trees and enjoying their makeshift swing 🙂

Mobile Shop :)


Living in Delhi exposes one to the most unimaginable scenarios. I routinely walk down different alleys around my studio and am never disappointed by what greets my eyes.

In this photograph, a rusted old bicycle holds the most vibrantly coloured bed spreads and other pieces of cloth. The owner of the venture was taking a break by having a cup of tea under the shade of a tree by the roadside.  He had a long day ahead of him….