Spill, and Don’t Clean Up πŸ˜

Sometimes, it’s great to relinquish control… It’s a release from all the desires and goals.

Just put water on paper, float your favourite colours and let the magic happen!

It needn’t mean anything, or mean anything, it’s just a means to let go… And be fine with what happens.

Too often we stop enjoying the process of creativity because we have an imaginary sense of ‘expectation’ from ourself… It’s OK to just relish colours, like little kids do all the time 😊🎢

Story time!Β 

These three are the main characters of a children’s story book that will take form soon. The father is called Gyan, meaning wisdom, the mother is Naina, meaning beautiful  eyes and the main character is the smallest owl, the baby of the family called Bholu, the innocent one 😊

Depending upon the anecdotes and of the family, I want to create short stories and illustrate them too😁!