Plant and let Bloom! 

I know homes by the flowers that peep out of boundary walls during spring! 

Sometimes I tell the driver, Bhaiya, uss gali me lena… And I am seldom disappointed. There, peeping through the concrete, would be the most startling creeper celebrating spring! 

At other times, it is trees. I know which home would be surrounded by a blaze of orange Palaash or stunning yellow Laburnum or the cool of mauve Jacaranda. 

There are strangers whose personality I try and discern through the wilderness they choose to have in front of their home or disciplined beds of color-coordinated flowers. It’s interesting. 

So plant and let bloom, in you garden or in your balcony, these miracles of nature…For you never know who will change their path to include a view of them, on their way home and send a silent blessing your way!

Simal Series

The Simal tree blooms in Delhi during the month of March. Almost overnight it transforms a drab cityscape into one bursting with color and joy. The thick, fat, brilliantly colored flowers attract birds of all kinds. Chatter, twitter and music fills the air!

When these flowers fall down with a thud, the smaller insects make it their playground. The sight fills me with delight and ever so often I pick up these fallen flowers and make them my muse. I share with you some of my conversations with them  🙂