Line language 😊

What the world thinks of us becomes so important to us but they can never see the ALL of what we are…. Our dreams, our depth, our growth, they see only what their limited vision of us shows them… Our physical body, which they try to categorise… But we are way beyond that… We are a world unto ourselves… A beautiful, flourishing, fabulous world…. And we should never forget it!


This idol of the Presiding Buddhist Deity overlooks the Diskit valley in Leh. It is beautifully proportioned and seems to be casting a benevolent eye on all that it surveys. It is because of the presence of such statues in great abundance that this area of India is rightfully called Land of the Gods!


Happiness walks on tiny, busy feet :)


Clicked this in Spiti Valley. We had gone to a small village for a home stay and this cute little girl was rushing to see if she could assist us with our luggage 🙂

The simplicity and spirituality of the hill people reflects in their gentleness and their smile. Against all odds and in the toughest of terrains they survive….So much to be learned from them!

In Silence All of Nature Blooms…


How silently change and growth happens. This thought fascinates me and becomes more urgent as the seasons change. It seems like a giant, silent machinery gets to work…pushing forth small leaves and buds in the spring…making millions of leaves just float away from the branch that sustained it, in the autumn.

I feel like an observer fully aware that the same silent movement also sustains the life within me….its a sublime and humbling thought…

As soft as chiffon..


Watercolors have the power to blend effortlessly into each other and create hitherto unknown colors


Their gauzy nature adds to a sense of drama and stillness. They demand a quick decisive mind. Any hesitation is recorded for posterity!


Flow, it seems to tell me..just flow, don’t stop to over think anything


Enjoy all colors that till now we’re only a figment of your imagination…

turn a new leaf everyday. ..create something. ..anything..everyday and suddenly one starts living in the moment, watching the colours obey and disobey…One learns to stop trying to control everything and learns to start enjoying spontaneity in a child like way 🙂